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Home Life


Taken by Andy Shaw @Pandsy

The end of term looms into sight and I have been feeling, yet again, a little stressed. But nothing a visit home and a shopping trip couldn’t fix. On the Friday I got to catch up with the girls and saw Grace for the first time since her trip to New Zealand! Saturday my mum and I spent the morning at Grand Designs Live enjoying designing our future houses/renovations whilst walking round the stools and discussing where we could put our pool and how we could convert the back garden into a small living space… We didn’t agree on everything. The rest of the weekend was spent at the pub, chilling around a fire with friends and at the pub again. The most relaxed I have felt in a while.

Harriet took me shopping on the Monday and I managed to get 5 things for £27! Here’s what I got…


H&m dress; Oxfam £3.99. Fred Perry Cardigan; Oxfam £5.99. Primark dress; British Heart Foundation £3.99.


Purse and Lands End Jacket; British Heart Foundation £2, £10.99



Harriet looking beaut. Dress £5.

I have been craving buying new clothes recently. As I have been spending all my time doing uni work (getting a little stressed), I felt like buying a new day dress or a top would just make me feel that much better. But obviously, I can only get it if it’s from a charity shop! So I was very excited when my lovely brother’s girlfriend mentioned that she was going to a charity event! Lucky for me, she came back with two dresses. One is a sweet pink casual dress and the other is a smarter pinky-purple one. Harriet is pleased because she is always telling me I should wear more pink. I’m a happy bunny.


Dress £5.

Rumble In The Jumble


So last night Harriet and I made our way to the Charity event ‘Rumble in the Jumble’ hosted by Dawn Porter and Gemma Cairney to raise money for Oxfam’s International Woman’s Day. When we arrived a little bit late (true Rosie and Hattie fashion) at 7, there was a queue reaching to the gates and after waiting for a short while we were in! It was packed full of loads of bargains and crowds of people searching the stalls.

There was a whole rack dedicated to Caroline Flack’s lovely dresses, a load of Jimmy Carr’s suits, along with shoes, bags, accessories and many more clothes from a whole load of people. I would have bought much more if my student loan had allowed but I did get a top, and on meeting the gorgeous Dawn Porter we even bagged some cute Freya pyjamas to help us on our year of Charity shops!

I could tell that Harriet’s mind was constantly distracted by her shoe obsession after seeing the rack of amazing heels at the far end… Unfortunately we both seem to have tiny feet and none fit us!

We had loads of fun and this event has definitely been an encouragement for us on our year of only Charity shop shopping. You can find brilliant things that are second hand or from charity shops, you just have to go to the right places and have a little rummage! It also feels great when you find a bargain that you love!



H&m t-shirt and Freya pyjamas from the Jumble sale!


New Clothes

As Grace has mentioned, some of the girls came up to visit and we all spent last weekend at her place in Beetson. I had been working very hard that week to get enough done to have the weekend off and it was well worth it. Except for the Australian movie…that was not worth it.

We spent Saturday morning having a look around almost every charity shop on the street. Sue Ryder was definitely my favourite, especially with the vintage section at the back; it is well worth a visit. Another of my favourites was the Oxfam bookshop. They had so many good books and I think Suzie found herself a cocktail making book! All in all it was quite a successful day. I managed to find a shirt, cardigan, purse, mugs and a book! Better than some days shopping in retail shops!


Cardigan, Sue Ryder, reduced from £4.95 to £2.50!; Ben Sherman shirt, Oxfam, £3.99


Purse, £2; Mugs, 25p each; Book, (can't remember cause Harriet payed...) Thanks H!


Pretty Little Liars

Myself, Grace, Harriet and a couple of our friends are really into Pretty Little Liars at the moment. If you haven’t seen it, it’s ‘A’mazing. (See what I did there PLL fans?)

When we’re all around home we get together to watch it, with popcorn and a bit of jumping and screaming. It gets pretty scary sometimes! Anyway, I noticed they are always dressed amazingly.. Here’s some of their outfits from the series…


P.S. I haven’t bought any clothes yet this year!

The Rules

After a frantic week of LOTS of shopping in the sales, buying clothes for all seasons to last us the year, we now feel a lot more (well.. kind of) prepared for The Year Of… Charity Shops.

Although we are sure many of you have already made new years resolutions, just in case you hadn’t yet or wanted to take on another challenge, why not join us this year with only buying clothes from charity shops? Us girls would find this year so much harder if we weren’t doing it together…. Feel free to email us at and let us know, it would be great to hear how you are doing and maybe have some guest blogs on here from others who are taking part!

Happy New Year!

Grace, Harriet & Rosie X

Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanks be to God for sending His son, our Saviour, Jesus!

Love from Harriet, Grace & Rosie xxx

What a mug!

New Jeans

Jeans; Oxfam (£4), originally Topshop. T-shirt; Primark. Hoodie; Abercrombie.

Since the girls suggested we try this new years resolution, I have thought so much more about where my clothes actually come from. It makes me feel ignorant and annoyed that probably all the clothes I have ever bought and am probably wearing right now, have indirectly supported the exploitation of workers in largely third world countries.

We have to take responsibility for where we shop. Who is making your clothes?

Obviously boycotting all shops isn’t going to help those at the bottom of the retail chain, but they do deserve to be paid fair wages for their work. I’m not sure how this can be changed fully but this new years resolution is my way of starting to think more about how my actions affect other people.

On the flip side I will hopefully save a bit of money (or just not go further into my overdraft), and I’m discovering the amount of things you can find in charity shops! Most of the Christmas presents I’ve bought have been from charity shops and I even found a pair of jeans just the other day!

Bring on the new year!


The Year Of… Charity Shops

From left: Rosie, Grace & Harriet

So this is our first blog, which we are all writing together, Harriet, Grace & Rosie.

After many failed new years resolutions we have challenged ourselves with one that is harder than all the rest.

One year. Charity Shops only. Oh dear.

We thought that we would blog our progress for everyone to see, to keep us accountable and in touch with each other!

Previous failures:

  • The Year Of… No drinking (Rosie lasted 6 months, in the remaining 6 Harriet & Grace changed the rules to suit the occasion).
  • The Year Of… Exercise EVERYDAY (Ermm… What were we thinking? Definitely didn’t do it everyday… or ever).
  • The Year Of… A new hobby Rosie’s was figure skating lessons (never began), Grace’s was to learn guitar (lasted 2 weeks until her guitar went out of tune) and Harriet’s was to learn to longboard (fell off first time and never went again!)

As you can see this is definitely going to be a struggle… BRING IT ON!!

P.S. We’ve been friends forever.

From left: Baby Rosie, (Baby Elliot), Baby Harriet & Baby Grace