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Wait…what are the rules again?!

GRACE: “Your nails look nice! is that OPI?”

ME: “yeah i bought three today”

GRACE: “WHAT! HARRIET that is totally against the rules!”


After re reading the rules I have decided that “no nail varnish” is a stupid rule anyway, you can’t even get OPI in charity shops so what were the other girls expecting me to do- not buy nail varnish for an entire year- I think not! In my last post I wrote about giving up painting my nails for lent and my love for OPI.  So I think that Jesus would agree when I say I deserve some new nail varnish right? Plus everyone borrows my nail varnishes so I’m just being charitable by giving the OPI deprived people more choice….

It’s funny actually because Grace keeps having little moans at me about not being able to buy anything nice and I’ve been totally unsimpathetic, luckily for me my weakness falls into a grey area (well in my mind anyway). Sorry girls but let’s just put this down to a Towel with arms situaltion because nail varnish is non-returnable and even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t return them!

Harriet  xo

P.S. I bought Fench Quartar for your Thoughts, Whats with the Cattitude and Japanese rose garden. And yes, you can both borrow them.

OPI draw...i love them.



I’ve given up painting my nails for lent, if you know me then you know how hard that is for me. I’m obsessed with OPI (a nail varnish brand that is AMAZING!) and although I have given in and told myself it’s okay to paint my toes I’m still feeling deprived. The reason I’m telling you this, is because I think it is the reason I’m wanting to treat myself  lately and as a result am finding the charity shopping easy and fun.

I have bought myself a pair of shoes, which is a first for me as I’m always complaining about how it’s impossible to find nice shoes in charity shops! AND I bought a new top, which I love, that I know grace will be jealous of because she is obbsessed with union jacks (although I have now promised her that she can borrrow it whenever she wants). I’m quite proud of myself really because I’m getting used to buying clothes in charity shops and that’s what my aim for this year is. Although I do keep having to tell myself “Dont speak too soon it’s not even summer yet” so we will have to see if I’m eating my words two months from now!

Harriet xo

shoes-£5-british heart foundation

top-£3.30-can't remember where it's from

Only in the English countryside…

This weekend has been filled with lovely things and lovely people. It’s been the kind of weekend which makes me appreciate living in a town so close to both the countryside and the city.

Firstly I bought home a little suprise for my family on friday… At work my boss asked me if I wanted four little chicks that they where giving away at the kids school, how could I refuse?! (especialy after she informed me that otherwise they get sent “elsewhere”). So they came home with me that evening all cuddled up in a cardboard box. (Slowly my dreams of being a farmers wife are all coming together).

Then on Saturday I went shopping, in charity shops of course, with a friend from school who was back from uni for the weekend and bought 3 new tops. Which was all very well and good until I got home and realised I had no space for them in my chest of draws or wardrobe. With the sun shining outside I decided I was in great need of some spring cleaning anyway, my floor is now piled with unwanted clothes but at least the inside of my draws look nice!

Then today I drove through the country lanes with another great friend, who I’m always in need of a catch up with, while it started to snow. We pulled up outside a little hidden cafe thinking of the amazingly sunny weather just a day ago, all we could say was “only in the English countryside”.

Harriet xo

P.S am loving my free Freya nighty! x

little hidden cafe in the little bit of snow we had today

Top Oxfam £0.46 (Originally from Papaya)


I love selfridges! I can often be found wondering around the store with my eyes glazed over in a dream like state imagining what it would be like if I was one of the women I have walked past with their arms full of bright yellow bags with the latest Marc Jacobs bag and Burberry coat boxed neatly inside. I haven’t dared set foot in the department store since making our new years resolution, not because I would buy any designer goodies (I would if I could) but because I know it would give me the shopping bug.

So, with this in mind, imagine my amazement when I found out that for the last two years, Selfridges have held an Oxfam- Selfridges hybrid, better known as the Oxfam curiosity shop. This store lasts for arround two weeks and last year alone made £280,000! It seemed that Selfridges opened up their little black book and made a few calls because anyone who was anyone was involved. (Vivianne Westwood, Alexa Chung and Collin Firth to name a few). I haven’t managed to find out if they are doing the same this year but you will know when I do.

Harriet xo

OXFAM, Notting Hill

Oxfam £6.99, originally from GAP.

So i’ve been up to Notting Hill a few times in the last week or so with work and while i was there i decided that i would take advantage of the AMAZING oxfam they have. The shop had all very good quality clothing alot of which was from highstreet shops like H&M, GAP, NEXT etc. It would be more then perfect if i needed to wear a suit to work or had children. I also saw a Forever 21 coat that was lovely and which i had to stop myself buying as i already have about 4 coats! And a pair of UGG shoes (not boots) which were pretty gross but still a bargin.

Anyhow im sure that the clothes cost more then usual, i bought two items and just felt like i was getting them at sale price not charity shop price. So i would say that unless your looking for a designer item on the cheep and happen to be lucky, or are in town already, its probably not really worth the trip.

Harriet xo

P.S The stripey jumper doesn’t actually look nice on me and so i am sending it to Rosie.

Oxfam £12.99, originally from GAP

The Rules

After a frantic week of LOTS of shopping in the sales, buying clothes for all seasons to last us the year, we now feel a lot more (well.. kind of) prepared for The Year Of… Charity Shops.

Although we are sure many of you have already made new years resolutions, just in case you hadn’t yet or wanted to take on another challenge, why not join us this year with only buying clothes from charity shops? Us girls would find this year so much harder if we weren’t doing it together…. Feel free to email us at and let us know, it would be great to hear how you are doing and maybe have some guest blogs on here from others who are taking part!

Happy New Year!

Grace, Harriet & Rosie X

Merry Christmas!!!!

Thanks be to God for sending His son, our Saviour, Jesus!

Love from Harriet, Grace & Rosie xxx

What a mug!


About 6 months ago I bought the outfit in the picture below, apart from the wellies, from a charity shop.

Cardigan- Charity shop Dress- Charity shop Wellies- Hunter

I remember the utter amazement that Rosie, Grace and I shared as I handed over a £5 note, for a dress and cardigan, and got back change!  It was then that we started to think that maybe charity shopping was something that we should be doing more often.  Although I would like to pretend this year is going to be a selfless act and an utter struggle, I actually get an amazing sense of achievement from buying clothes in charity shops. I like to think of it as a little present for myself in exchange for a little present for someone else.

I have a feeling it is going to be harder than I first thought though, particualy in the summer when for no reason whatsoever my mind seems to think I need an entirely new wardrobe.  Hopefully this will be a new year of spending less on me and more on others, although I can only imagine how addicted I might get to buying junk that no one else wants!

Good luck girls, 2012 is going to be a good one!
Harriet  xo

The Year Of… Charity Shops

From left: Rosie, Grace & Harriet

So this is our first blog, which we are all writing together, Harriet, Grace & Rosie.

After many failed new years resolutions we have challenged ourselves with one that is harder than all the rest.

One year. Charity Shops only. Oh dear.

We thought that we would blog our progress for everyone to see, to keep us accountable and in touch with each other!

Previous failures:

  • The Year Of… No drinking (Rosie lasted 6 months, in the remaining 6 Harriet & Grace changed the rules to suit the occasion).
  • The Year Of… Exercise EVERYDAY (Ermm… What were we thinking? Definitely didn’t do it everyday… or ever).
  • The Year Of… A new hobby Rosie’s was figure skating lessons (never began), Grace’s was to learn guitar (lasted 2 weeks until her guitar went out of tune) and Harriet’s was to learn to longboard (fell off first time and never went again!)

As you can see this is definitely going to be a struggle… BRING IT ON!!

P.S. We’ve been friends forever.

From left: Baby Rosie, (Baby Elliot), Baby Harriet & Baby Grace