Home Life


Taken by Andy Shaw @Pandsy

The end of term looms into sight and I have been feeling, yet again, a little stressed. But nothing a visit home and a shopping trip couldn’t fix. On the Friday I got to catch up with the girls and saw Grace for the first time since her trip to New Zealand! Saturday my mum and I spent the morning at Grand Designs Live enjoying designing our future houses/renovations whilst walking round the stools and discussing where we could put our pool and how we could convert the back garden into a small living space… We didn’t agree on everything. The rest of the weekend was spent at the pub, chilling around a fire with friends and at the pub again. The most relaxed I have felt in a while.

Harriet took me shopping on the Monday and I managed to get 5 things for £27! Here’s what I got…


H&m dress; Oxfam £3.99. Fred Perry Cardigan; Oxfam £5.99. Primark dress; British Heart Foundation £3.99.


Purse and Lands End Jacket; British Heart Foundation £2, £10.99


One thought on “Home Life

  1. Nicola says:

    The H & M dress is very cute!

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