Lost In Translation

I got back from New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest, I was pretty gutted that this trip landed in The Year Of… Charity Shops. I just wanted buy clothes from shops you couldn’t get in the UK, but the only option I had was to look in NZ charity shops instead. Lame.

But when in Wellington, we found this shop, which in my defence looked very much like a charity shop. It was called ‘Recycled Boutique’, which to me just sounds like a fancy name for a charity shop. Don’t you think? Now I’ve never really understood how to distinguish between a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ charity shop, because surely it all depends what clothes are given, but this was definitely a ‘good’ one! Everything was in size order, colour co-ordination, types of garments where together, and all hung on matching hangers! Surprised I immediately asked my friend Emily, if this was in fact a charity shop? To which she responded:

“Grace, all charity shops smell the same, this is definitely a charity shop!!”

DRESS; £7 (Originally from ‘Wearhouse’), JEANS; £15 (Originally from ‘Cheap Monday’), SCARF; £4 (Don’t know where it originally came from!), TOP; £6 (Originally from ‘Just Jeans’)

Now it wasn’t till I had handed over my money, that I then asked what charity I was supporting with my new purchases. That’s when my doubts where confirmed. In fact, ‘Recycled Boutique’ was not the NZ translation for ‘Charity Shop’. Instead ‘Recycled Boutique’ is actually kind of like ebay, people give their clothes, then once they are sold, they get some money for them. Nothing goes to charity. Whoops.

Turns out charity shops are pretty big in NZ though, or ‘opportunity shops’ aka ‘op shops’ as they like to call them. Even the camp we went to had one in a tent! I met a group of girls there that had just bought heaps of clothes from this tent ‘op shop’, whose whole outfits were from charity shops too! Amazing! Obviously I had to get a picture taken with them…

Grace x

P.S. I know I said in my last post that I will have more creations this time… but don’t worry, they are still to come… next time.


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