Wait…what are the rules again?!

GRACE: “Your nails look nice! is that OPI?”

ME: “yeah i bought three today”

GRACE: “WHAT! HARRIET that is totally against the rules!”


After re reading the rules I have decided that “no nail varnish” is a stupid rule anyway, you can’t even get OPI in charity shops so what were the other girls expecting me to do- not buy nail varnish for an entire year- I think not! In my last post I wrote about giving up painting my nails for lent and my love for OPI.  So I think that Jesus would agree when I say I deserve some new nail varnish right? Plus everyone borrows my nail varnishes so I’m just being charitable by giving the OPI deprived people more choice….

It’s funny actually because Grace keeps having little moans at me about not being able to buy anything nice and I’ve been totally unsimpathetic, luckily for me my weakness falls into a grey area (well in my mind anyway). Sorry girls but let’s just put this down to a Towel with arms situaltion because nail varnish is non-returnable and even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t return them!

Harriet  xo

P.S. I bought Fench Quartar for your Thoughts, Whats with the Cattitude and Japanese rose garden. And yes, you can both borrow them.


OPI draw...i love them.


5 thoughts on “Wait…what are the rules again?!

  1. Luke says:

    totes against the rules

  2. Sophie says:

    So, have you been buying nail varnish all along? Or have you just caved in?
    BTW I agree with you. You can’t get nail varnish from Charity shops because people either use it all or chuck it out if it has gone off, therefore this should be removed from ‘the rules’.
    Write an AMENDMENT. That is WJWD. XXX

  3. Louise says:

    Harriet. How dare you.

  4. Haha! Love that! Maybe a new rules are needed, keeping in mind WWJD?! Grace X

  5. Louise – that’s exactly how i reacted!!!!! Outrageous behaviour! Ha

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