Let’s Get Creative!

Seeing as I can’t buy the clothes I want, I’ve had to learn to be creative with what I already have… So here goes…

First Creation: Coloured Jeans
Coloured jeans seem to be all the rage at the moment, and I was feeling pretty left out, as mine are all boring old blue. I wanted maroon ones, so I thought I would try and dye a pair of blue jeans which I hardly wore. This seemed like a great idea, so I bought the fabric dye ‘Dylon – Burlesque Red’ – just the colour of jeans I was picturing myself looking great in! Then I dyed my navy jeans. Unfortunately my lack of common sense meant that my jeans did not turn into the exact colour of dye I bought, but actually Blue + Red = Purple. So I now have purple jeans. Well at least I can now join in with the fashion!

Second Creation: Denim Skirt
I wore my old denim skirt the other day, and it was very tight and very short! I needed a new one. So, seeing as I had no other choice, I looked in some charity shops. No luck. All I could find were long mum-style ones. But then I had the genius idea to buy a long one and cut it! I found a long one from The British Heart Foundation that fitted perfectly and was only £3.99. I’m quite impressed with my cutting skills, if I do say so myself. Much better than my dying skills.

Third Creation: Leg Warmers
I LOVE the whole boots + leg warmers/high socks look, but I only have a couple of pairs of grey high socks that I can wear with these boots, and my legs get very cold when these socks are in the wash! So, that was it, I needed some more leg warmers. I couldn’t find any in charity shops (okay, I didn’t even look) but saw loads of woolly leg warmers in River Island. I wanted some SO BAD. So I decided to cut up my only-worn-once-because-they-are-well-itchy leggings to make some leg warmers. I even got a pair of rather fetching shorts as a result.

Grace x

P.S. I have some more creative ideas that I’m going to do for my next blog… Let me know if you have any ideas too!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Creative!

  1. robbiethomson says:

    Is this all the way from NZ?

  2. […] I know I said in my last post that I will have more creations this time… but don’t worry, they are still to come… next […]

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