I’ve given up painting my nails for lent, if you know me then you know how hard that is for me. I’m obsessed with OPI (a nail varnish brand that is AMAZING!) and although I have given in and told myself it’s okay to paint my toes I’m still feeling deprived. The reason I’m telling you this, is because I think it is the reason I’m wanting to treat myself  lately and as a result am finding the charity shopping easy and fun.

I have bought myself a pair of shoes, which is a first for me as I’m always complaining about how it’s impossible to find nice shoes in charity shops! AND I bought a new top, which I love, that I know grace will be jealous of because she is obbsessed with union jacks (although I have now promised her that she can borrrow it whenever she wants). I’m quite proud of myself really because I’m getting used to buying clothes in charity shops and that’s what my aim for this year is. Although I do keep having to tell myself “Dont speak too soon it’s not even summer yet” so we will have to see if I’m eating my words two months from now!

Harriet xo

shoes-£5-british heart foundation

top-£3.30-can't remember where it's from


3 thoughts on “Lent

  1. Clarissa says:

    Hello:) I happened to wonder across a link for your blog, it sounded interesting so I thought I’d take a look! I know this sounds REALLY sad, but I really admire what you guys are doing and I know I wouldn’t have the will power to do it! I’m 17 and so (like most girls my age) I love to go shopping for clothes!! (its gotten to the point that they now recognize me in Topshop, which is actually quite embarrassing!) You’ve really inspired me to start looking round my local charity shops more, and who knows.. next year I might even rope in a few of my friends to commit to charity shop shopping for a year! Don’t give up! Your doing really well 🙂 Clarissa 🙂 p.s Loving the verse from John, I’m a Christian too!

  2. Hi Clarissa, its well worth having a look in the charity shops as there is often some old TopShop stuff in them! You’ve just got to have the time to look through all the clothes! Thanks for checking out our blog! Do let us know if you get any good buys!

  3. […] were the other girls expecting me to do- not buy nail varnish for an entire year- i think not! In my last post i wrote about giving up painting my nails for lent and my love for OPI.  So i think that Jesus […]

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