new clothes = new confidence

THIS IS HARD! All i want to do is go into Zara and buy a load of new clothes that i don’t need! I’m longing for that feeling of buying new clothes, which for some reason clothes from Charity Shops just aren’t giving me. I want that boost of confidence that you get when you put on that new outfit that you just bought. Then you wear that same outfit for the next few days until you start seeing the same people again. I miss that. Although annoying when you wear your new outfit but see no one you know all day! #waste

I still haven’t quite got the hang of only buying clothes if i need them this year either. I seem to be buying items from Charity Shops that i wouldn’t usually even look at in ‘normal’ shops, just because they are cheap. Therefore i am still accumulating lots of unworn clothes. Plus i’m not loving having to wash my new clothes before i wear them for the first time!

Pinterest isn’t helping either.

Rant over.

Grace x

P.S. On a happier note: I am loving the sunshine! Hello roof down!


4 thoughts on “new clothes = new confidence

  1. Luke brown says:

    My favourite one so far! Thanks for honestly sharing your hardships

  2. byronsstory says:

    I’ve got that feeling at the moment as well! I think it’s a mix of it being a new season, all the Winter clothes need to go away soon, and last Summer’s clothes are all a bit dated now. My reason I’m behind on shopping/confidence is because I’m broke though, I think your Charity Shopping idea is brilliant but SO challenging!

  3. Thanks Byron! I know, i can always find a reason for new clothes!!! So hard!! G

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