Only in the English countryside…

This weekend has been filled with lovely things and lovely people. It’s been the kind of weekend which makes me appreciate living in a town so close to both the countryside and the city.

Firstly I bought home a little suprise for my family on friday… At work my boss asked me if I wanted four little chicks that they where giving away at the kids school, how could I refuse?! (especialy after she informed me that otherwise they get sent “elsewhere”). So they came home with me that evening all cuddled up in a cardboard box. (Slowly my dreams of being a farmers wife are all coming together).

Then on Saturday I went shopping, in charity shops of course, with a friend from school who was back from uni for the weekend and bought 3 new tops. Which was all very well and good until I got home and realised I had no space for them in my chest of draws or wardrobe. With the sun shining outside I decided I was in great need of some spring cleaning anyway, my floor is now piled with unwanted clothes but at least the inside of my draws look nice!

Then today I drove through the country lanes with another great friend, who I’m always in need of a catch up with, while it started to snow. We pulled up outside a little hidden cafe thinking of the amazingly sunny weather just a day ago, all we could say was “only in the English countryside”.

Harriet xo

P.S am loving my free Freya nighty! x

little hidden cafe in the little bit of snow we had today

Top Oxfam £0.46 (Originally from Papaya)


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