Rumble In The Jumble


So last night Harriet and I made our way to the Charity event ‘Rumble in the Jumble’ hosted by Dawn Porter and Gemma Cairney to raise money for Oxfam’s International Woman’s Day. When we arrived a little bit late (true Rosie and Hattie fashion) at 7, there was a queue reaching to the gates and after waiting for a short while we were in! It was packed full of loads of bargains and crowds of people searching the stalls.

There was a whole rack dedicated to Caroline Flack’s lovely dresses, a load of Jimmy Carr’s suits, along with shoes, bags, accessories and many more clothes from a whole load of people. I would have bought much more if my student loan had allowed but I did get a top, and on meeting the gorgeous Dawn Porter we even bagged some cute Freya pyjamas to help us on our year of Charity shops!

I could tell that Harriet’s mind was constantly distracted by her shoe obsession after seeing the rack of amazing heels at the far end… Unfortunately we both seem to have tiny feet and none fit us!

We had loads of fun and this event has definitely been an encouragement for us on our year of only Charity shop shopping. You can find brilliant things that are second hand or from charity shops, you just have to go to the right places and have a little rummage! It also feels great when you find a bargain that you love!



H&m t-shirt and Freya pyjamas from the Jumble sale!



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