Internet shopping has always been my downfall. I’m not very patient so i’ve never been one of those girls who can spend hours looking round shops and trying things on. The internet allows me to buy things from the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to drive anywhere, look through racks of jumbled up clothes or que for ages! It’s a dream!

But since the 1st January i havent been able to visit any of these beautiful websites (because i’m only buying clothes from charity shops this year – bummer!) So i’ve had to alter my internet habits. Alongside my daily (or more) Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest checks, i used to also check what was ‘New In’ on Topshop, Zara, River Island and of course ASOS. I’ve now had to delete them as bookmarks in order to try and break that habit. The internet isn’t quite as fun anymore. Plus my constant flow of emails from these sites is NOT helping!!!! Ahhhh.

To help fill the gap i have found Oxfam and other charity shops do in fact have online stores too. I am yet to find anything on them as Charity Shop shopping is the one kind of shopping i do like to do in person. But check them out anyway! Here are some links:

Hope they also help you beat the temptation of internet shopping!!!

Grace x

P.S Here are some of my latest charity shop purchases:

SKIRT; £5 Oxfam (originally from French Connection), Cardigan; Zara, String Top; H&M, Socks; River Island, Boots; River Island

JUMPER; £3.50 The Salvation Army (Originally from Dorothy Perkins), Jeggins; Topshop, Socks; TKMaxx, Boots; UGG Australia


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