New Clothes

As Grace has mentioned, some of the girls came up to visit and we all spent last weekend at her place in Beetson. I had been working very hard that week to get enough done to have the weekend off and it was well worth it. Except for the Australian movie…that was not worth it.

We spent Saturday morning having a look around almost every charity shop on the street. Sue Ryder was definitely my favourite, especially with the vintage section at the back; it is well worth a visit. Another of my favourites was the Oxfam bookshop. They had so many good books and I think Suzie found herself a cocktail making book! All in all it was quite a successful day. I managed to find a shirt, cardigan, purse, mugs and a book! Better than some days shopping in retail shops!


Cardigan, Sue Ryder, reduced from £4.95 to £2.50!; Ben Sherman shirt, Oxfam, £3.99


Purse, £2; Mugs, 25p each; Book, (can't remember cause Harriet payed...) Thanks H!



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