Charity Shopping Spree

From Left: Harriet, Rosie & Grace

Last weekend I had Rosie, Harriet, Suzie & Amberley all come and spend the weekend at my house in Nottingham. We spent the time catching up, drinking wine, or in my case port (new favourite drink! #oldman), watching terrible Australian movies, eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate and of course going charity shop shopping! I live in a small town called Beeston in Nottingham, where half it’s town centre consists of charity shops including Oxfam, Oxfam Books, Sue Ryder, The Salvation Army, P D S A, Cancer Research & more. So we woke up early on Saturday morning eager to hunt down some bargains. Beeston did not fail us and we all ended up getting some awesome stuff, including lots of books, jumpers, tops and even some vintage purses! (I’m sure pictures of our purchases will come up in our next blog posts!). One of the charity shops called Sue Ryder even has a Vintage section at the back, which is a little bit more expensive, but if you are into high-waisted skirts or tweed jackets it’s definitely worth a look!

We managed to get back to my house before the snow came down and then spent the evening watching ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ (definitely not worth a watch), eating more food and of course making a snowman!

From Left: Amberley, Grace, Bertie, Harriet & Suzie

It was a precious weekend and sadly the girls did not get snowed in at mine but managed to drive home through the snow on Sunday. Sad times!

Grace x


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