A Towel With Arms

TOWEL Dressing Gown: TKmaxx (£16.99)

So I bought a dressing gown the other day… From TKMaxx.
I know what you’re thinking… it’s not even been a month yet and Grace has already failed at The Year Of Charity Shops. But actually you are wrong. Yep, very wrong – here is why…

For a good few years now I have been looking for a TOWEL dressing gown. I currently have a fluffy fleece type one, which is great for keeping me warm but when it comes to absorbing water it decides not to work. Although for some odd reason shops only seem to sell these un-useful dressing gowns at the moment. I was willing to buy any TOWEL dressing gown as soon as I saw one, no matter the colour or size.

So when I walked into TKMaxx and saw this pink TOWEL dressing gown (in my size), it was a no brainer. Or was it?

First, I looked at the exceptions on the rules.
‘You don’t have to buy underwear, tights or plain leggings from charity shops; this is because they don’t sell them and it’s a bit gross!’ – It’s also a bit gross to buy someone’s old dressing gown they used to dry themselves with.  Don’t you think?

‘You can receive presents from retail shops’ – My lovely mother said she would pay me back for a towel dressing gown for me when I finally found one.  Perfect!

Next, I called Rosie. Her response was:

“I bought a bath mat the other day, its pretty much the same thing, you just wrap it round you. It’s basically just a towel with arms!”


Then, I bought it.

The main idea for this year is for clothes purchases and I don’t know about you but I don’t plan on wearing this dressing gown as an item of clothing! #inappropriate

So there we go, I have not failed… yet!  Plus, I wrote the rules anyway! =)

Grace x

P.S On another note, i actually bought this bolero shrug from a charity shop today!

Bolero: Sue Ryder (99p), Originally from ASOS


One thought on “A Towel With Arms

  1. […] into a grey area (well in my mind anyway). Sorry girls but lets just put this down to a “Towel with arms“ situaltion because nail varnish is non-returnable and even if it wasn’t i […]

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