Old Clothes

As I mentioned in my last post, I am known to buy far too many clothes and never wear them. Which, for my friends seems to be quite a blessing because about once a year I sort out all my clothes and end up giving a lot away! That time of year came this Christmas and once again, I was shocked at the amount I was getting rid of, many items I had hardly ever worn! Apparently a recent study showed British women have spent more than 1.6 billion on clothes they never wear! How ridiculously crazy is that?! (Not sure how true that is though, as they never asked me!) After my friends looked through my old clothes and took whatever fitted (especially Harriet & Rosie in prep for this year!) I gave the rest to the local charity shop. I then thought that seeing as I am giving decent clothes to charity shops then surely other people are too! This got me excited to find these bargains this year!!!

Grace x


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