New Jeans

Jeans; Oxfam (£4), originally Topshop. T-shirt; Primark. Hoodie; Abercrombie.

Since the girls suggested we try this new years resolution, I have thought so much more about where my clothes actually come from. It makes me feel ignorant and annoyed that probably all the clothes I have ever bought and am probably wearing right now, have indirectly supported the exploitation of workers in largely third world countries.

We have to take responsibility for where we shop. Who is making your clothes?

Obviously boycotting all shops isn’t going to help those at the bottom of the retail chain, but they do deserve to be paid fair wages for their work. I’m not sure how this can be changed fully but this new years resolution is my way of starting to think more about how my actions affect other people.

On the flip side I will hopefully save a bit of money (or just not go further into my overdraft), and I’m discovering the amount of things you can find in charity shops! Most of the Christmas presents I’ve bought have been from charity shops and I even found a pair of jeans just the other day!

Bring on the new year!



One thought on “New Jeans

  1. Kerry says:

    Such a good idea Rosie! Actually going to be my new years resolution, my clothes addiction has gone beyond ridiculous! Love Kerry x (Benji’s flatmate haha)

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